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Wooden Planter Boxes Are My New Friends

Wooden Planter Boxes Are My New Friends

Wooden planter boxes can be a perfect solution for you who are bored with common flowerpots. You can make your own boxes using the help of some wooden beams, spikes, a hammer, and a chainsaw. For you who love simplicity, you may easily find them in the market. But, before you choose one kind of the boxes to be owned, it will be better if you know more about what wooden planter boxes really are.

What Are Wooden Plant Boxes?

Wooden planter boxes are wooden boxes in which many kinds of plant can be grown. The boxes are quite different with flowerpots. While flowerpots are usually made from plastic or pottery, the boxes are made from the arrangement of wooden beams. The wooden boxes usually take rectangular cube as their shape rather than round-flowerpots-shape. But, it is not impossible to create another shape of wooden boxes that may fit the design of your houses, rooms, or gardens. You may also paint the boxes with your favorite colors or leave them with natural wooden look. To grow your plant in them, you can put some growing media for your plants or flowers in the boxes, just like what you usually do with flowerpots.

Now, as you get some ideas of wooden planter boxes, you can choose which kind of boxes you will like to make or buy. You can choose based on the shape, color and also design. So, happy choosing wooden planter boxes!

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