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Wonderful Pond Waterfall Designs and Ideas

Wonderful Pond Waterfall Designs and Ideas

A pond with cascades is recommended to be built away from the trees. Falling leaves will clog the pond and pump, and plant roots can damage the insulation of the pond bowl. The bowl is better to create an irregular shape, so it will look as natural as possible.

Important points of construction of the Reservoir should look beautiful from a variety of angles.

Several small cascades can be more spectacular than one large one. It is desirable to create natural slopes for the construction of the hill waterfall. If the plot is flat, you can use the land, which is sure to appear in the construction of the pit.

To build a pond with a waterfall with your own hands you need so that it merged with the surrounding landscape and formed a “harmonious ensemble”.

To achieve this effect, it is best to use a local stone for decoration. This will be the most natural. Be sure to calculate the required power of the pump depending on the volume of the reservoir and the speed of the water flow.

Ponds with waterfalls in the garden landscape design

Pond in the country can be decorated and supplemented with a waterfall or cascade. Water gardens with running water will look particularly attractive, and at the same time the constant circulation of water will revive the pond, enrich it with oxygen, which, in turn, will make the pond cleaner and make it easier to care for it.

Even in the smallest pond you can install a small babbling structure. And to make a waterfall or cascade on the pond with your own hands is quite easy. For water fountain or waterfall in a decorative pond need only water, pump, as well as connecting the entire system hoses and power supply.

Options for the design of cascades at the pond can be very much, ranging from the simplest, made from scrap materials, and ending with large-scale multi-stage structures with several waterfalls, canals, streams and fountains.

The choice of the project of landscape design with a waterfall on the pond will depend primarily on your own desire (because you have to make and force, as well as apply imagination). It is also necessary to take into account the possibility of the site (how much space will be available for the device of such a structure) and how much money and materials the owner can afford to spend on the construction of such a water Park.

To make some elements of the pond with a waterfall with their hands, such as a filter for water purification, you can also from improvised means — with a pump and a plastic bucket, and you can buy ready-made. If the water from the fountain or waterfall will flow down the stones, it will create additional filtration.

Moreover, the costs for the construction of the cascade will be reduced if the site already has a ready-made reservoir with a pump and a working filtration system.

Then it will only be necessary to Supplement this system of a pond with a waterfall in the country beautifully decorated with a small element in the form of a statuette or a decorative vessel from which water will flow.

Look at the photo-decorative waterfalls for the pond can be purchased ready, all kinds of shapes and sizes, from classic to avant-garde, with lighting and so on:

Choosing between a fountain or a waterfall for a pond in the garden, you need to focus primarily on the features of the terrain.

If the garden area has a small slope, it is possible to place several waterfalls with a descent into the pond, arranged at the lowest level or build several ponds at different levels with cascades. All this can be done for a pond with a waterfall, using ready-made forms or using natural material-stones, etc.

In a large pond, you can simultaneously arrange a waterfall and a fountain, because the water area is enough to place them in opposite points of the pond.

In this case, it will be possible to include a waterfall and a fountain in turn or at the same time-there are many options, everything will depend on your own wishes.

For a small water flow does not require any additional strengthening of the drainage system of the reservoir, but if you want to arrange a waterfall with a strong water supply, it will be necessary to carefully equip the bottom of the reservoir and consider the drainage system.

If the waterfall will fall on the stone, it will protect the pond from erosion of the bottom.

As you can see in the photo, the pond with a cascade waterfall can be supplemented with an Alpine slide made of large stones:

And it can be done on minimum areas of barrels or other containers. You can even combine two barrels installed on different levels, thus creating a waterfall and stepped ponds.

Ideas for an pond with a waterfall or cascade can be very different. The main thing to remember is that in winter these systems must be turned off and the water released, increasing their service life. Water can be left only in large bodies of water.

How to decorate Pond Waterfall

Design of the waterfall think over during the design, so that everything turned out as organically as possible. Sandstone and granite-boulders, slabs and stones from these natural materials will look as organic as possible.

The bottom can be covered with pebbles, and the coastal zone of various plants: ferns, daylilies; feel good water lilies, yellow cubes. Beautiful version of the waterfall Beautiful and unobtrusive led lighting under water and the coastal zone will emphasize all the advantages, and lanterns in the form of shining colors will fascinatingly float on the water surface.

Often, the whole pond with a waterfall is equipped with lighting: the photo on the background of falling water, which acquires a variety of shades depending on the selected mode, is simply fascinating.

The original version of the lighting construction of the waterfall will radically change the landscape – make a garden of Eden in your country, a recreation area and relaxation for the whole family. By the water you can sit with friends and relax from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Pond Waterfall design

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