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How to decorate wall in room DIY tips

How to decorate wall in room DIY tips

One of the rules of successful interior design says:”the house should not be bare walls.” Nothing decorated wall has a dull and depressing look. Someone will think: “I’m not a designer, how can I decorate the walls with my own hands?”But it’s not difficult. If a person has at least minimal construction skills and is not deprived of creative talents, then success is guaranteed. The most important role is played, of course, by the appropriate attitude, a great desire to bring the case to the end and creativity.

Decoration wall in room DIY

It is clear that with his own hand to create a beautiful wall painting in the form of images of the picturesque landscape, urban landscape or frescoes only a professional artist with considerable talent.

It takes years to acquire these skills. Especially for those who want to quickly decorate the walls of your home, many construction stores offer a wide selection of Wallpapers. In this case, to achieve this goal will require a minimum of time.

How to decorate the wall using a stencil?

A stencil is an image cut on any dense material. There are several options for decorating the wall with a stencil: Conventional painting in one color. Combining different techniques. Create a three-dimensional drawing.

Decoration in the technique of “reverse” stencil. Even if the picture is quite complex, to achieve a spectacular result will require very little time and effort. What you need to have on hand: stencils on vinyl film; scissors and knife; paint suitable color; finishing plaster; brush or sponge (if the paint is in the form of a spray, you can do without it); glue for stencils.

In any construction supermarket you can find many models of stencils on vinyl film. If the buyer is not satisfied with the design of the drawings on sale, it is always possible to order the manufacture of the stencil on the selected sketch.

Moreover, it is quite possible to make such blanks with your own hands. Before you begin to decorate the wall with your hands with a stencil, think about a design that at least part of the elements of the image was associated with the base or adjacent parts.

Therefore, it is extremely important to create such jumpers. This is necessary to ensure that in the process of drawing pieces do not fall out of the workpiece. If you do not have your own imagination, the network can find a lot of ready-made sketches for every taste.

  • the selected picture should be increased to the required size.
  • Carefully transfer the enlarged image to the prepared material: vinyl film or cardboard.
  • Recheck whether all the details of the picture are kept.
  • Carefully cut all the elements. Just before work, it is advisable to try to make a print on paper or a piece of old Wallpaper.
  • So you can see whether the result corresponds to the taste of the owner and correct the shortcomings. Then the stencil is attached to the wall surface with glue or masking tape.
  • You need to dial a brush or sponge minimum amount of paint and evenly paint all the elements of the image.
  • If the spray is selected for painting, it is necessary to ensure that the paint does not fall outside the stencil.

If it is necessary to create a gradient effect, then with the help of white and black paint, the main color is diluted to obtain the desired shade. Created shades are gently applied with a sponge from light to dark.

Multi-color stencil gives you the opportunity to create a work of art. For this paint is applied according to a certain scheme. Nice look and a convex image. Make them very simple. However, the base of the stencil should be made of thick material.

The stencil should be attached to the wall and filled with finishing plaster. It is necessary to wait for some time until it grabs. The film is carefully removed. After complete drying, the picture can be painted with acrylic paints.

The technique of applying the “reverse” image is quite simple. On the wall attach the image that is impervious to paint, and using paint-spray applied to a halo of colour. The main thing – to calculate the density of the paint and the optimal width of the halo.

Decoration in “Eastern” style for beginners

In the illustrations to the Arabic fairy tales you can often see beautiful images of clouds and smoke. How to decorate a wall with your own hands a person who is not familiar with the art of drawing? Very simple, because for the application of such an image will require a minimum of materials: tape or masking tape; brush sufficient width; paint roller; two shades of paint.

Imitation bamboo Wallpaper

Not everyone has the opportunity to purchase high-quality Wallpaper from environmentally friendly materials, but everyone can use the materials at hand to perform an imitation of such an expensive decoration.

A big plus is that you can choose shades and colors in full accordance with the overall color scheme of the room.

Before you decorate the wall with an imitation made with your own hands, prepare:

  • masking tape;
  • a jar of white paint for the base;
  • paint three additional shades (olive, brown-green, gray-green);
  • toothed scraper; ruler (longer);
  • simple pencil;
  • paint roller;
  • brush.

the Walls must be painted white. Vertically to divide the wall into sections with a minimum width of 0.9 m and at the borders to stick masking tape or duct tape. Prepare additional shades. On the site the paint is applied in a certain order horizontally.

It is not necessary to wait for complete drying of paint. With the help of a scraper it is necessary to draw horizontal lines. In the course of work it is not necessary to hurry, the main thing – that the line was not interrupted anywhere.

To blur the sharp outlines along the lines of should go with a dry brush in the opposite direction. The decor of other sites is carried out according to the same scheme. After drying the paint, the tape is removed, and the resulting white stripes are tinted with a sponge in the desired shade.

A panel is a fashionable way to decorate walls

This method of decoration is good because a beautiful panel can be made from any available materials. This requires: different pieces of fabric of any color; rectangular frame of foam or plywood; any adhesive; stapler; decorative strips, baguettes or moldings.

So simple and at the same time spectacular decoration can be in an instant to revive the boring interior. Solid wall-the best background for decorative panels. In order for the decoration to be combined with the stylistic solution of the room, it is necessary to choose shades that complement the color palette of the interior.

Photos – a great way to decorate the walls

Before you decorate the wall with your own hands, it is necessary to carefully choose the photos, and choosing pictures for the design of the room, you should take into account the atmosphere and the overall design of the room

this option gives the room a pleasant atmosphere of comfort and hospitality.

It is not only beautiful, but also useful for the inner state of the soul. Stay in a room lifts the mood and adds strength, because nakadoi photograph captures the faces of your favorite people and the most pleasant moments of life.

The form of composition can be any. Looks great collection of photos, decorated in the form of the sun. Make such a composition easier than ever.

All you need is clothespins and a large circle cut from cardboard. There you can add different cards, notes, and other trifles, memorable for you. In the matrimonial bedroom above the bed, you can hang a big heart and attach the best pictures to it. This decoration will constantly remind you of the beautiful moments spent together.

Of course, you need to constantly update and Supplement the “exhibition” with new photos. Beautiful extraordinary options-a decorative tree with a photo and a composition of pictures in the form of a clock.

Decorative plates

The range of thematic patterns on the plates is quite wide, which makes it possible to decorate any of the living spaces. Especially beautiful this decor looks on the walls of the kitchen, dining room and living room.

But offices, conference rooms and creative clubs are also not taboo. Decorative plates can be made with your own hands, using the remains of dishes from the sets of grandma’s times and acrylic paints. If you do not know how to draw, copy the image on a plate with a special paper.

Owning the technique of decoupage is especially lucky, they can create real masterpieces. decorative plates of different shapes and sizes in the living room is not recommended to place decorative plates in one line.

Bright compositions from plates of various shapes and sizes look harmoniously. Among the most popular forms are dominated by compositions resembling a cloud, a flower, a diamond or a clock. The color scheme of plates should correspond to the interior of the room, and the selected style should be repeated in other elements of decor.

Shelves for decoration

Everyone in the house has a myriad of precious little things and overseas Souvenirs. Why not use them as decoration on decorative shelves made with your own hands? The main trump of decorative shelves is an unusual shape.

It can be a labyrinth, a circle with crossbeams, a triangle, a shelf in the form of a butterfly. An interesting option is a decorative shelf in the form of a frame with a built-in stand for a flowerpot or Souvenirs.

Mirrors-functional room decor

Without a mirror can not do any house, and if it lives a representative of the fair sex, such interior items there can be a lot. Therefore, women are very attracted to the idea of decorating the walls with mirrors.

They can be placed in several lines horizontally or vertically, hung in a chaotic manner or decorate the entire surface of the wall. Start acting, and inspiration will come. It is not necessary that the mirrors have a strict geometric shape.

The use of mirrors of different sizes and shapes is welcome. They can be placed in a decorative framework. For the girl’s room the most suitable option is a collection of elegant mirrors on ropes or chains.

Now you know how to decorate the walls of your home DIY. Many people think that the implementation of different design ideas requires the help of professionals and a lot of money, but, fortunately, this is not so.

A person who has basic skills of handling the simplest building materials and tools, with his own hands can create a unique decoration.

genealogical tree on the wall as a decorative element

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