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How to Build a Backyard Waterfall DIY

How to Build a Backyard Waterfall DIY

Living bubbling water is an amazing thing. It can add variety to any landscape, create a completely new perception of the world, a special atmosphere of peace and goodness. The movement of water always attracts the eye, beckons and fascinates. That is why it is so popular in gardens and on summer residences the corners with ponds, fountains and waterfalls. Until recently, they were considered some special delights.

But now, with an abundance of excellent materials and detailed instructions from experts, to make a decorative pond, and even with a mini-waterfall, in the country or in a country house can almost everyone.

Especially easy to Build a Backyard Waterfall. And then, to listen to the sound of falling water and breathe its rich pairs of healing and fragrant air, no need to go to the mountains or distant lands – you can enjoy when you want and how much you want.

Waterfall in the garden

Artificial waterfall – a decoration for the garden is even more spectacular than the fountain. Naturally, we need more efforts to create it. But the result will be very impressive. Arrange a mini-waterfall, you can even on a completely flat area, but it will need to build or slope – then it will be a waterfall-stream, or bulk hill – in this case, you can get the classic version.

You can also make waterfall by building an island in the middle of a decorative pond. Or build a rock composition at the fence. Any waterfall backyard ideas you can find in our article.

Since we will build a mini-waterfall, it is necessary to scale the volumes. The ledge can be safely reduced to 50-60 cm. Although the higher it is, the more beautiful and noisy the water falls. Also very impressive look cascading waterfalls, consisting of several successive flat ledges. In this case, the lower ledge is usually placed from the water surface about 30 cm.

Terms structure of the waterfall

By itself, the waterfall is impossible without a pond, where the pump is supplied to the top of the water and where it will flow down. Of course, you can do quite a mini-waterfall even on the terrace (they even sell ready-made), but it’s not that the falling water in the lake.

The first thing to decide – a place for a pond with a waterfall.

Experts recommend to place the waterfall in a place that is illuminated by the sun until 11 am and after 15 hours in the summer. And at noon it is located in partial shade – from the house, trees, fence. First of all, this is due to the quality of water, which in the sun quickly heats up, blooms, and plants and fish, if you have them, will suffer from a lack of oxygen. The second requirement is access to the pond from at least three sides.

For a convenient approach, even in rainy weather, be sure to lay a few flat stones or tiles. It is especially important to put them where the prevailing winds blow in your area – they will nail to the shore got into the water leaves and other debris, where they can easily catch.

You must now make a decision what style will be your waterfall. And they, as it turned out, no less than in interior design.

Waterfall in a natural style-the most popular option. For its device, you can use different technologies and materials. The main and practically the only requirement is that in the end it looks as natural as possible, organically fit into the natural environment, and traces of human intervention (film, pump, pipes, etc.) are not evident. Visible materials — only natural, untreated.

The classic style of the waterfall is reminiscent of natural. However, there are two basic principles: naturalness and symmetry. In fact, it should be a stream of water that falls from one artificial pond regular geometric shape in the same other. It is not necessary to arrange two reservoirs, and it is enough that water fell down from any bowl of the correct form. Classic waterfalls are simpler in design, look very impressive and fit perfectly into any exterior of the garden.

Waterfall in the Japanese style involves the obligatory presence of not very fast streams and placed at a distance from each other ledges of large boulders through which water flows smoothly and only then falls into small backwaters.

For geometrically correct modern gardens can arrange waterfalls unusual appearance and exclusive design – in the style of high-tech or interactive. As you know, hi-tech uses materials such as glass (it can be matte, patterned, corrugated), plus – metal, most often stainless steel or polished steel, and even — artificial polished stone.

However, it should be borne in mind that the waterfall in this style requires mandatory lighting – only then it will play in full force of its originality. Lighting should be more in cold colors-shades of blue, white, gray. Warm colors can also be present, however,only as accents. You can use yellow, orange, silver-lilac.

Interactive waterfall is the latest trend of landscape fashion. In this case, the switching on and off of both water flows and illumination elements is carried out with the help of an automatic control system equipped with different types of sensors. They can react to appearance of the person, to his movements, to change of weather – as it is put in the program.

The device of the bowl of the pond

Options devices bowls are:

  • The device of concrete-stone pool with waterproofing.
  • The pit, covered with a special film (flexible insulation).
  • Installation of finished plastic or composite forms (rigid insulation).

The first option is the most expensive and difficult to implement. Similarly, garden ponds were arranged before, when there were no such good films and ready-made pools for ponds.

Choose from the other two options experts advise taking into account the size of the bowl.

Alternative-pond equipment using a ready-made rigid form. They are made of plastic reinforced with fiberglass. Large forms are expensive and installation is a complex process involving machinery. But a small form can be installed without any problems.

Choose the form of such a design, which already provides terraces for placing coastal plants and recesses for water. The depth may be small if you are not going to run into the pond fish. But, keep in mind that the ponds depth of less than 80 cm in the winter will freeze to the bottom — and plants such as water lilies and lotuses, will have to be transferred to winter storage.

In any case, the device of a mini-waterfall in the country begins with digging a pit. It is necessary to draw the outlines of the reservoir under the exact shape of the bowl or desired from the film. Choosing the ground, put it next to, parallel cleaning of debris. To soil from the walls of the pit did not crumble, periodically Ramm and spill it.

There is an option to make additional concrete waterproofing – install a metal frame and pour a layer of concrete. This pond will last longer, but the hassle with it much more. If you bought a ready-made bowl-it just needs to be installed on a prepared sand bed, making sure with the help of the level to sit it strictly horizontally. In the case of skewed just add the to a lower place the sand again, level and tamp.

The easiest option is to buy a ready-made form in the building hypermarket. If you want to make a large cascading waterfall, then you must first pick up the slabs of natural stone. It is best to take sandstone, as granites are very expensive and heavy. You can also independently collect beautiful boulders somewhere by the river, if there is one in your area. Only the problem of their delivery remains.

If you want a smooth waterfall, the ledges should be placed close to each other, and to get a noisy and foaming instance, place the lower ledge at a considerable distance from the previous one. Very nice you can break the flow of water into several jets-it is necessary to take a ledge with an uneven surface.

Decoration and lighting

In addition to stones of beautiful shape and color, the decor of the waterfall and the shores of the pond are water and coastal plants. This is a separate big topic. But in the construction of a mini-waterfall is recommended to include such an element as evening lighting. And then he will become the main” hero ” of the landscape in the dark.

There are a lot of variants of illumination: floating lanterns, illumination by the directed lamp, illumination of trees and bushes at a pond. The most interesting and fascinating – the so-called festive-carnival effects, which are created with the help of fiber-optic cables. These unique devices are not afraid of water, they can step on and even take in hand.

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