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Garage Tool Organizer: wall mounted and mobile

Garage Tool Organizer: wall mounted and mobile

Maintaining order in the workshop is not just a good habit. Gently spread out the tools in place, the wizard will prolong their service life, and reduce injury risk in the workplace. Forget about clutter and centuries of dust will help the organizers for tools. Such devices are sold in stores, but if you want them you can make with your own hands.

The contents
  • Classification and assignment
  • Hinged design
  • Cabinet for tools
  • Compact organizer
    • Stand for screwdrivers
    • What store drill

Classification and assignment

Organizers for tools vary in design, purpose, mobility (are portable or stationary). Experienced masters recommend to combine different types of organizers in the organization of the workspace. Release:

  • Portable Cribs;
  • Compact stands;
  • Cabinets with drawers-containers, including mobile (on wheels);
  • Hanging organizers;
  • Wall panels.

They are used for laying out cutters, drills, bits, hand tools, electric, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic equipment. Made of fabric (for bags), wood, metal, plastic, fiberglass, PCB. Construction permits magnets, rollers, moving parts. The use of Tarot cards pursues the achievement of three main objectives:

  1. Optimization of the workspace;
  2. Relief (acceleration) of work;
  3. Simplify your transportation.

Hinged design

Perfect for any room with the walls: workshops, garages, loggias, balconies. A wall organizer for tools are panels placed along the walls and serving to mount the equipment, as well as individual fixtures, suspended on hooks, magnets or screws.

The attachment reflects the load on the wall. So before you begin installation, ensure sufficient bearing capacity of the wall material. It is primarily concerned with ceramic bricks and porous concrete of low density.

Easiest organizer to make an ordinary wooden planks, nailed the wide side to the wall. In the front side of the Board score well thin bendable nails that serve as clamps for the tools. This design will accommodate a small hand tool. The main thing — to find the diameter of the dowel and the thickness of the Board so that they can withstand the payload.

Органайзеры для инструментов: настенные, мобильные, стенды

In finished cases the role of fixers perform powerful magnets arranged along the length of the rail. Magnets may be installed on makeshift sheds. They will be helpful in the main and auxiliary anchorages. Drill out the slots to install no need to put the magnet on with epoxy glue.

Wall panels are more versatile at the expense of a significant area of the working surface. They are made of metal, wood, plywood, PCB or plastic. The surface may be either perforated or solid. Infopanel widely represented in DIY stores, they are often are a special hanging catenary. Flexibility is achieved due to the fixed step holes and removable fasteners.

Solid panels are often going through their hands. They are simple in operation and installation — fundamental differences from the installation of organizer-Board no. However, the organizers of large size, especially at low thickness of the material, it is recommended to mount on the wall through the guide (planks, lath). This principle also applies to perfumania.

To create the organizer of the metal is required sheet thickness not less than 1 millimeter. To buy the sheet steel is not necessary. Based on the covering from defective household appliances: washing machine or dishwasher, gas oven, microwave. It has sufficient thickness, and typically is covered with high quality enamel.

The lining is straightened in places kinks, forming a single plane. The edges of the mounting strip arranged in the form of wooden planks, fixed at the ends with screws. Hang the panel on the wall will be for these rails. If necessary, you can add an additional Board in the center and vertical elements. It will not give the steel sheet freely “walk” while drilling the holes and during operation.

On the front side mark the holes. The step will be greater, the greater the size of the equipment which is planned to place on the organizer. Holes may be located in the cage and staggered. Recommended grid spacing at which a homemade organizer will be compatible with most ready-mounted holders, is 25 millimeters. For drilling holes best suited step drill: it is well suited for thin metal leaves a Burr, but is afraid of distortions, so before the panel slightly to Bank.

Combinations of a perforation with whole plots. The Central part of a metal propanel is given by the magnetic attachment, which is hold small things: bits screwdriver, small drill bits, nozzles, scissors, and needle files. In the design used neodymium magnets from broken hard drives.

The remaining space will be perfect for the role of a makeshift Board for the image diagrams and drawings. For perforated sections easily fit small palms, it is sufficient to provide reliable fastening. Hanging holders can be made of crimped wire using spot welding.

Cabinet for tools

Service cabinets occupy a large area than wall panels. Outwardly they a little than differ from the usual furniture: cabinets or boxes. The principle of opening, arrangement of the interior space and materials are radically different between different models. There are stationary, mobile (on wheels) or hanging.

These wall planners are safer because all the sharp and heavy items are kept behind closed doors. Service cabinets can store everything from small parts to heavy electrical equipment, as well as completely extraneous things (dishes, clothes, medicines). The interior space allows for more containers, sliding elements, magnetic mounts.

Compact organizer

Ideal for small tools, drill bits, screwdriver bits, bits. Are open (racks, stands) or closed (boxes, suitcases), portable or stationary. These devices are used separately or in conjunction with cabinets or wall organizers.

In stores most widely represented sliding boxes, plastic, with special compartments for fasteners. To make the analogue of such containers by yourself is possible, but the product will be more heavier. Self-production easier with a cart, stand, pencil cases for drills and tips.

Stand for screwdrivers

A large number of screwdrivers conveniently stored on a special rack. To assemble this device yourself. Stand out of balsa wood is light and neat in appearance. Do not need a single nail, all the joints are glue. To work need:

  • Two sheets of balsa wood with a thickness of 6 mm;
  • Clay joiner;
  • Lacquer joinery (preferably matte);
  • Brush;
  • Sandpaper (grain 220);
  • Pencil;
  • The knife for cutting;
  • Mat for cutting;
  • Screwdriver.

On computer in 1:1 scale templates for drawing walls, print them on paper, cut out and applied to the wood sheets. Mark the outline on the details, mark the places of grooves. Cut with a knife, the pressing force should not be too large, otherwise there will be crushing of the material. On the top face outline holes, pressing them with a small screwdriver or awl. The hole diameter must match the diameter of the tool.

Before gluing parts treated with sand paper, removing pencil marks, bumps, notches. Clean the surface from dust. The adhesive is applied on all contact surface, the excess removed immediately. Adhesive tape the workpiece is fixed in the correct position and is left for 24 hours. After drying, the adhesive surface is again leveled and then covered with lacquer. On the dried up varnish if necessary, cause the signature to each instrument.

Easiest organizer for drill bits to make a standard plank. Just drill holes of appropriate diameter and depth. Improvised stand can be complicated, making it layered, adding labels, or fixing on solid areas. If you do not want to place the drill vertically, instead of openings are grooves. The thickness of the grooves is chosen according to the diameter placed incisors. This storage method is best suited for drawers small height.

Sharpeners for drill bits easy to make portable, just find a suitable case: a box of old kits, the case of videotapes. You only need to securely attach the holder inside the box so that nothing fell out and rattled.

We should also mention the fabric (leather) drawers and canisters. They are suitable not only for storage of drills, but also for a good hand tool. The cheapest on the market mobile, versatile, but the durability leaves much to be desired. Suitable for car, Hiking conditions.

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