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Easy to Make DIY Vintage interior design ideas and decorating tips

Easy to Make DIY Vintage interior design ideas and decorating tips

So, let’s figure out what vintage is. In fact, no one can give you a clear definition of this concept. Designers and art historians have not come to a consensus on what kind of things can be considered as vintage.

Some say that, these are subjects not under the age of 15, but not older than 60 (older are antiques), others are inclined to age 30 years, and some consider vintage things in the first half of the 20th century. But everyone agrees that vintages can be regarded as a subject that retains the spirit of their age, recognizable, or created by a well-known brand within a certain period.

Vintage is a style that came from France. It wasn’t an interior style originally. In this word, the winemakers called the wine, which had a multi-year shutter speed. Later vintage was the design of the interior, style of clothing, music, and other areas of culture and fashion. The vintage is everywhere it could.

Today, there is a whole industry for the creation of specially aged things, interior furnishings. The market of aged garments is also actively flourishing artificially. The interior of the style vintage is filled with old stuff. Very relevant are the different curtains, multicolored ornamental layers of paint, which are not bright colors.

Please note! Typically, this interior predominates with the gamma gray-blue, grey-green, beige, pink, and other dark shades. This is a style business card.

You can find flower patterns in vintage interior design ideas. Such patterns are also imbright, aged, sometimes cracked. The color gamut in vintage interiors is often not too bright. There’s practically no room for pure shades. It’s better if all the colors are muted as if they were covered with dust or discolorations from time. It is also not desirable to allow too contrasting combinations, and it is better to choose one color that will be complemented by neutral shades. Although there are exceptions, such as a picture of a striped black and white wall.

Vintages require a particular requirement for floors, ceilings, walls, and other places in the room.
The ceiling will have to be painted. Curtain structures and point LEDs will be irrelevant. The surface can decorate stucco; it will give the room a special charm. If there’s a crack in the paint, it’s just great. So, it will be okay as the vintage direction demands. Of course, cracks shouldn’t be too big. It’s just a styling.

Paul: There are two main materials for gender; tile and parquet. The others just won’t fit. You can still try the old floor boards, but the parquet is aesthetic. The parquets must be wiped and look like the floor that has been used for at least 30 years. The tiles would fit perfectly into the interior of the kitchen, bath, and other wet spaces. It can also be old. The vintage cuisine has a tile.

Wall: The finishing of the wall in the vintage interior is done in one basic way-wallpaper. As an alternative, you can select a lighter ink, but this is only if the room has vintage furniture.
When choosing the wallpaper, you should take the ones that have a contrasting picture. It’ll be perfect for pink.

Please note! Vintage is characterized by floral and vegetable patterns, so it is necessary to pick up both of these types.

The various flowers, the butterflies, the rose and the leaves are the best choices. The drawing ornament must be large to create the appropriate atmosphere.

Decorating with vintage furniture

There are no clear time limits in vintage style. It is estimated that the furniture of the 19-20 century should be present in the interior. However, older things are quite appropriate. In the rooms, you can place the 100 cabinets and patina things. For example, tables can be purchased in new but artificially aged.

Vintage inspired bedroom

The bedroom must be properly decorated. The bed is placed at the center of the bedroom. But it has to be more than just a bed. Placing only a forged or very massive wooden is appropriate. You also need to decorate the bedroom with different accessories and parts. The furniture would be suitable for a small table with lots of boxes. Of course, he has to be wiped out.

You can also put a mirror in the old frame. The frame can be decorated with an ornament in the vegetation and floral style. The intricate patterns are welcome. You can buy a frame with shabby gold. Now you know ways how to make vintage decorations.

On the bed, you can place a pad, a bureau, or table-crochet napkins. It makes sense to remember what happened at Grandma’s house. It’s certainly possible to find a variety of napkins that you used to do manually. Today, such things can still be found, because such work is in a special direction, a fashionable made.

Useful tips and ideas

By the way, using old suitcases in the interior is a favorite technique for modern designers. Table, Nightstand, cradle-Heres are the second life of unnecessary, seemingly things. And it’s not just the suitcases that can be used; wooden doors with peeling paint can become vintage away beds or unusual wall panels. And the old staircase will replace metal rails in the kitchen. You can use vintage clothes on a beautiful rack or dummy to decorate the bedroom.

The vintage style not only creates an interesting and original design in the house but it’s also very economical. It is generally not necessary to have special expenses to decorate the room in this style. Although this can be done with great cost (for example, by purchasing antique furniture).

To make a beautiful interior, you just have to follow a few principles; don’t be afraid of color experiments. It’s about decorating of wood. Furniture can be made up of multiple varieties of a different color tree. The decoration can combine a wide variety of tissues. The only requirement is a harmonious combination of all objects.

You better listen to your intuition. Don’t buy unnecessary stuff. To make the situation harmonious, it is worth just thinking about what’s missing. However, by choosing things, you don’t have to rely on a sober mind. Because creating an interior is a real creation.

Don’t rush into things. Vintage is the design that evolves gradually. If you can decorate a high-tech or Kant style simply by visiting the shop, it will take time to create a full vintage interior. One thing you can find in the marketplace, the other is in the store, and you get a third friend. In time, the situation will be harmonious and complete. Nothing can be created in one day.

By the way, vintage also implies the abundance of the different cute ship. Indeed, the expensive heart of things is not acquired quickly.

Vintage is the second life of things. Many items in vintage design have served their own. But they can give you a second life. To this end, it is only necessary to think about where such things would be appropriate. If the subject doesn’t fit into one room, you should move it to the other.

Interior materials and Parts

Among the materials in vintage, interiors are very popular ceramics, forged copper, wood, and various finishing materials. All of this must be technique, it makes leather look and look appropriately. It’s the most expensive thing to do.

The interior decorated in this way would be incomplete without some detail. For example, dry flowers. Vintage rooms are specially adorned with the dried flowers. Different seasonal flowers will also be appropriate. The arrangement of the bouquets and the WHA you have to do is not as usual. It’s better to play in contrast by placing large and small flowers in the same vase.

They don’t have to be strict, better if the shrubbery is a little negligent, distracted. The flowers are going to be good for metal vases. You can also use the receptacles from the crystal.

Another distinctive feature of vintages is the presence of barely readable labels on subjects. It’s a measure of antiquity. If you visit speciality shops and markets, you can find these items. Hang the old cuckoo clock on the wall, put the floor, or attach a concise mechanism to a round black frame on the couch.

Use dried flowers ears and thorns. Put a pair of the dry bouquet on the dresser and the coffee table. Set up a series of family photos of different generations, confident that the house will find yellowed black and white images. Decorate retro-posters with older films, foods. The couches can be covered with a fine wool blanket, a few couches of different invoices, and a carpet with a geometric ornament in the type of one that was previously hung on the walls.

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