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2 Door Wardrobes designs images

2 Door Wardrobes designs images

Everyone strives to ensure that the interior of his apartment or house meets the most modern trends. It should be a lot of space, and placed furniture – stylish and functional. Therefore, bulky items, giving place to more modern elements of the situation – double wardrobe.

2 Door Wardrobes

The features and benefits

Modern and functional wardrobe has a number of advantages. To embed this element of the situation required quite a bit of space, which is especially important for small apartments.

The double option can be placed in the room in which there is a recess, a protrusion and other unsightly elements of planning. To do this, you can pick up built-in model.

2 Door Wardrobes

Greatly save the precious space allows the design of double closets, or rather, its sliding doors. Thanks to the sliding mechanism, the doors move in a plane parallel to each other, unlike in the version with hinged doors, for opening which will require additional space.

Compartment Cabinet option is not only convenient in cramped spaces. With proper organization of the internal space in the closet can accommodate a lot more stuff in the wardrobe or outdated wall.

2 Door Wardrobes


All modern bivalve models has a specific set of internal elements that contribute to the proper distribution of clothes and shoes. If desired, it is always possible to complement a modern mobile designs, makes it much easier to find the right things and to put a greater number of not only clothes, but also bed linen.


There are many models of cabinets with 2 doors that belong to either the corps option (frame), or to the built-in (panel).


The basis of the body is a frame consisting of two side walls and two parts that form the top and bottom of the housing and the rear wall, made mostly of fiberboard. Inside frame is divided into two parts by a partition. The facade presents two sliding doors.

The elements of the case are made from either natural wood or of particle Board with a certain coating. As the latter can be used veneer, a thin layer of natural wood or cheaper options, such as melamine or laminate.

The facade or front side of the double wardrobe consists of two sliding doors. Each door consists of door leaf and frame. Depending on the model, as the door leaf can be used chipboard, MDF, mirror, glass, plastic.

Double closets differ by a suspension system of the doors. Exist:

  • double rail system with the top support and the bottom rail;
  • double rail system with the lower support and the upper rail
  • the monorail system.

Depending on the facade are of different models of wardrobes with two doors:

  • Models constructed of glass come in different variants. Colored glass used in the decoration, looks very easily and effectively. The print on the glass looks beautiful, it is possible to choose the pattern for your interior. A cheaper option is the film applied on the glass.
  • A model with a mirror visually expand the space. On the mirrored facade of some models with the sandblasting method is applied to the image that adds personality and lightness to the interior.
  • The model is a mixture of plastic, look very dignified and modern.


Double wardrobe built-in type can have a different design, which depends on the location. If you want to place it in a niche, the design will consist of two doors that make up the facade, and guides. The sides are not needed, they are replaced by the walls of the room.

If there is one wall, the structure will have a slightly different view. The second wall is usually made of chipboard. The result is a combined option, where part of the structure is embedded, and the other is the body.

2 Door Wardrobes

In addition to rectangular shapes, Cabinet with two doors are even and the corner. The shape of the Cabinet with two doors can be diagonal, having the form of triangle and trapezoid.

Advice on placement

In order to properly set the wardrobe in any space, consider the dimensions of the room where you plan to install products, as well as the location of outlets, switches, Windows and doorways.

Determining location for the future Cabinet, it is necessary to start measurements, focusing on three points: the main body, right and left sides. To do this it is necessary that the wardrobe stood straight with no distortions. Otherwise, the mechanism of sliding doors will not operate properly.

When placing corps variant of special attention should be paid to the measurement of the floor and walls, and the installation of the embedded model and the ceiling. To measure the level floor in the place where there should be a Cabinet from one wall to another. The difference is greater than 2 cm is considered significant and requires correction.

The optimal solution is the location of the ground strap under the base of the Cabinet, which podpilivaya under the curvature of the floor.

The same principle is measured wall to lie down the wardrobe. With a difference of more than 2 cm, it is desirable to install a special vertical bar-transoms width 5-7 cm and It is installed between the wall and side of Cabinet model. The strap itself is cut from the wall under its curvature. You can do without the side panel – just push the Cabinet tight to the wall.

Interesting solutions

Wardrobe with two doors – an essential thing in the modern interior. For accommodation there are many interesting solutions.

2 Door Wardrobes

In the hallway

In the hallway is equally well will look like a simple wardrobe tooling fixtures located along the wall or corner option, allowing full use of useless corners. Both products perfectly will be combined with additional rounded modules. As an additional element can be shelves located from the end of the enclosure, or wall hanger unit.

Facades, as a rule, be either fully mirrored, or combined with other materials. Can one part to make a mirror and another of the same material as the housing.

In the living room

In the room rack can be installed as freestanding element or built into a niche if any.

In the bedroom

The bedroom can be placed along the wall two of the same wardrobe, leaving a certain distance between them, and in the void to place the bed.

In the living room this arrangement, too, will find their application. In the alcove you can set the TV.

The same wardrobe can be installed from one side of the doorway. You can build a wall that will separate the wardrobe from opening.

In the bedroom you can set the built-in angular version of the Cabinet, especially if the room is small in size. Corner wardrobe diagonal or trapezoidal shape, if desired, can be supplemented with modules. Wardrobe with a corner location is made in bright colors with glossy or mirrored facades can visually expand the space.

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